Our Mission

Through means of education, we work to provide a long, lasting change to these children that will help them rise above their current living situation and give them the opportunity to lead a better life than the one they were born into. 

How Fundacion Impacto Works

Fundacion Impacto will be organized around its four main sections: Current Issues, Computing, English, and Math. Each section will be lead by a teenager, under the title of Section Head. Also, each section will be supported by an Adult Supervisor. In addition, each section will have 2-3 teachers that along with the Supervisor and Head will give the lessons. 


Current Issues + Social Health Knowledge- Teach kids important lessons regarding their health and safety. This includes the typical health class with information regarding sexuality, nutrition, and safety. In addition, self defense classes, emotional intelligence, and even politics can be taught. This course description is purposely open-ended and will be molded according to the physical and mental needs of the children.

Computing- During this class, each child will be able to use one of our laptop computers. On such computers, we will teach them how to use basic programs: word processor (google docs), spreadsheet software (google sheets), internet navigation (google maps), internet research (chrome), email (gmail), and website creation (wix). As well as how to type (Dance Mat Typing) and the proper function of all the keys on the keyboard. 

English- Teach basic reading, writing, and speaking. In teaching, we will follow the learning lesson plans in Rosetta Stone, an English learning computer program. Also, separate from the English computer program, there will be a speaking portion which will focus on pronunciation and serve as an interactive immersion with the language. This includes anything with conversation; watching movies, listening to music, telling stories, and playing games.

Math Tutoring- This program focuses on helping the kids reach a proficient level in math. Once this is achieved, we will work towards enhancing their critical thinking skills, with questions that require a deeper thinking that moves past memorizing basic math functions. Currently, several are failing math, struggling with basic concepts, and falling behind. Our main focus is to first help the kids who are struggling most with one-on-one teaching. 

Company policies – Are there company policies that are particularly important to your business? Perhaps your unlimited paternity/maternity leave policy has endeared you to employees across the company. This is a good place to talk about that.

Literacy- pay teacher to during the week go and teach the kids who don’t know how to read. 1 hour with each kid individually. Goes for 2-3 hours. Priority with the biggest kids. Monday to Friday.