About Fundacion Impacto

Fundacion Impacto is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that meets with mostly middle schoolers,  living in Casa Hogar de los Niños Hodeni, A.C. every Saturday. The organization will initially help 12 kids, and grow as more resources and aids become available. Services given include teaching and informal counseling, resulting from developing personal connections with the children. As a result of our program, we will help the kids reach a new and elevated level of thinking, which will better prepare them for the hardships of life and allow them to rise above their poor living condition outside the orphanage. Mexican orphans normally have parents, but are often neglected and sometimes abused by their parents; Also, they attend a public school but don’t receive as much help or attention due to the larger quantity of kids in an orphanage than in a regular household.


Fundacion Impacto plans on helping impoverished kids underserved by the educational system of Mexico, specifically orphans living in Tijuana. We will provide them a better learning environment to achieve a real and sustained impact on their lives. I plan on doing this by once a week giving classes: English, Computing, Current Issues, and Math Tutoring. We will not only teach, but also provide supplies -- as well as snacks -- and check in on their grades to modify the tutoring as needed.